What is the difference between the Over 12 and an Under 12 versions?

Short Answer:

Only the difficulty of language in the comics. Everything else is the same.

Long Answer:

Some of the language and content in the comics has been edited to suit our younger users. For our under twelve users the vocabulary is more straightforward, and the themes or examples are more age appropriate.

Why did you choose these topics?

Short Answer:

They are the Tools and Techniques that we have had the most success with.

Long Answer:

Our resident Cognitive Behavioural Coach found that these were the problems most commonly faced by his clients. He then combined and honed various CBC techniques that proved to be most effective in reducing the severity of their issues. These combinations eventually became our original eight Powers Of Control. We aim to help as many people as possible, so tackling the most common non-clinical issues that most children face at one point or another was our preferred route forward.

Will this really work?

Short Answer:

It works if you put in the effort to make it work.

Long Answer:

There is no such thing as a quick-fix when it comes to dealing with the issues we address. There is no magic pill your kid can take to cure his/her anger, or instantly accept a divorce, or tackle bullying effectively. Our tools and techniques are based on evidence-based research and efficacy findings from the world of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (the sources and scientific articles proving their efficacy in the Sources section of each of our Parent Guides). Our resident Coach has seen them work wonders with his clients — but only with those clients who were willing to change, use the tools, and integrate the techniques into their daily lives. He has also seen clients not getting any better because they don’t take responsibility for their problems and don’t work on them, expecting an understanding of the problem to be as good as a cure. It is not. Progress takes effort. It’s like building muscle at the gym. If you don’t do the work, then it won’t happen. It’s no use to understand the mechanics of how muscles are built or merely hope for bigger muscles and never lift anything. That’s a sure fire way to get weaker and become disheartened. We give you the tools and techniques and show you how to apply them but how effective and helpful they will be is entirely up to you and your kids.

Why does this app have games?

Short Answer:

To reward your kids for completing the comics and tools.

Long Answer:

We want to promote good screen time. That is why the majority of our app is focused on self-development and helping our users to develop problem-solving skills. Our games are intended as a reward for the hard work they are putting in and to reinforce some of the core teachings of the comic. We advise that you monitor your kids with this reward system, it’s best for them to play only after having completed a tool, used a technique in their lives, read a comic, get a star on their star chart, etc. Kids are more likely to continue using the app and implement the tools and techniques if they are rewarded for their efforts.

I want James/Jane to represent my ethnicity. Why is everyone in the comics blonde and caucasian?

Short Answer:

We apologise for the limited choice and are working on making our comics more inclusive of all ethnicities.

Long Answer:

We know that not all kids will identify so well with the way that James/Jane and Callum are represented in our comics. We’ve got plans to implement a deeper character choice and selection based on skin and hair colour, much like what you can do with emojis in Whatsapp. However, it’s a lot of work for our illustrators and developers, plus it will be very expensive to implement so it may take some time.


What is the best age for my kids to use Captain Calm?

Short Answer:

Anywhere from 6 — 17.

Long Answer:

We all know that kids are impressionable. That is because their brains are still growing and billions of neural pathways are being formed each day. Childhood and adolescence is the time when we most easily acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as when we form most of our habitual thought and behavioural patterns. For that reason, the behaviour and thought modification techniques we teach in Captain Calm is of most benefit to young kids (under twelve) as with enough repeated use, it will become the default way for their brains to function. Tweens and teens have a lot of negative habits and intense hormones surging around, but their brains are still forming too, so our techniques will just as beneficial to these older kids. In fact, a lot of research into neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to modify its connections or re-wire itself) is being done in people of all ages. So it stands to reason that these techniques would be as beneficial to parents as it is to kids.

Why do you give kids the option to lock their tool answers?

Short Answer:

To maintain their privacy.

Long Answer:

Imagine how upset you would be if someone read your private journal. We want kids to feel safe using our app. We know of many kids who use Captain Calm as their diary and may not want to share their intimate thoughts with anyone that has access to your account. We believe that kid’s thoughts and emotions are their own and they should only share them if they feel comfortable. If they know that every word they write is being read by their parents or teachers or even siblings, then they will not want to do the tools to the full extent. That means that no one wins — your kids won’t fully use our helpful tools or put their new techniques into practice, and you don’t get to see the ones they do want to share with you.

What is the best way to use the app?

Short Answer:

This best way to get results is to be with your kids as much as possible while they use the Captain Calm.

Long Answer:

Remember to be actively involved in your kid’s Captain Calm journey. Try to be with them while they use the app, especially in the beginning. You’ll see far greater improvements if you guide them through the content and reinforce the lessons they’ll learn.

Here are some other tips:

When you unlock a new Power Of Control, make sure they read the comic first.

For our lessons to become internalised, we recommend that kids do all new tools at least once a day for 2–3 weeks. Our Star Chart is a great way to keep track of that.

Try not to overwhelm your kids with too many Powers of Control at once — we advise doing one or two at a time.

The games are intended as a reward. Try to get them to complete a Star or use a tool before playing.


Can I get the app on Google Play/Android Phones?

Short Answer:

Our development team is still working on getting our app on Android. Sign up here to join our newsletter and be alerted when it is. 

How much storage space does the app use?

The current version is 526.6MB once installed.

Can my kids and I be logged into the same profile on separate devices?


How many kids can I have connected to my account?

Short Answer:


Long Answer:

We based the number of kids per profile on the average amount of kids per family in English speaking countries. If you have more than three kids, please make an additional profile.

Some of the words are small, how do I make it bigger?

The app font-size is not adjustable. However, you can zoom in on the comics to get a better view. Tap / click on the comic frame to zoom in. Alternatively, you can use the web version and increase the magnification setting of your browser. View > Zoom

Do you have a web version of the app?

Yes, you can access it from the home page of our website.

Can I use the app when I am offline?

Short Answer:

Not all of it.

Long Answer:

Captain Calm works best with an internet connection. Not all of Captain Calm’s content is available offline. You should have full access to games and comics, but you will not be able to access your tools, achievements, etc. as these are centrally saved to allow for us to share this between your devices.

Does Captain Calm count towards mindful minutes on iPhone?

No, it does not.


Who has access to my account?

Only people that you provide your login details to can access your account. No third-party will ever have access to your account.

Can anyone who doesn’t have access to my profile read the sensitive content on it?

Your profile is yours and yours alone. Your sensitive information such as Tool answers and Star Charts are not visible to anyone but those who have access on your profile (you and your kids). No one can access your saved information without your permission. For purposes of market research or if we require third-party data analysis, we will only use information that is anonymous and has been stripped of any identifying traits.

What data do you store?

We store your basic profile details for billing and contact purposes as well as your transactions (purchases), tool answers, game high scores and some usage data for us to improve the app (and award you with achievements).


How do I delete/deactivate my account?

Please contact support below

How can I update my profile details?

Please contact support below

How can I update the password on my account?

You can change your password by going to settings > change password.

How can I update the email address on my account?

Please contact support below


What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

Currently, payment to unlock Captain Calm’s Powers of Control is only available via the Apple App Store. We are working on implementing a credit card payment system within the web version.

Do you offer refunds?

Issues or questions pertaining to payment or refunds for the Captain Calm iOS app should be taken up with the App Store. This is due to the fact that payments are managed and governed by their terms and conditions. Please note that the App Store has their own terms for refunding the purchase of an app, which includes time limits on requesting a refund.

Please contact Apple iTunes Customer Support directly at to request your refund, and a customer service rep will review your request.

How much does the app cost?

Short Answer:

Captain Calm is a freemium app — it is free to download and comes with the Power of CALM. Any additional Power of Control costs $2.99 each, and you own it for life.

Long Answer:

Our free app comes with one Power Of Control (CALM) already unlocked — this includes the CALM comic, tool, game and parent guide. CALM is the master power that you need to learn any other Power of Control. It also has the potential to be a Swiss Army Knife of problem-solving. It teaches a framework for changing the way you think and relating to whatever problem or negative situation one could face. If you wish to unlock any other Power Of Control, it costs $2.99 for a once-off purchase, and you have it for life.