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The Power of a Sidekick - For Separation Worries

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The Power of a Sidekick Who needs this? • Kids who have a tough time saying goodbye or leaving their parents. • If you have a tough time being by yourself at night, or sleeping in your bed alone. • Kids who have scary thoughts about being alone that they don’t know how to control. What you'll learn • The Power of a Sidekick. • How to take control over your worrying thoughts. • How to rationalise their fears and learn that they will be okay when they are by themselves. • How to tolerate the discomfort and uncertainty you feel when you're not with your parents. What you get 1. Comic Teaches kids how to use the Power of a Sidekick. Parents and kids get the best results when they read the comic together. We recommend starting with the comic. 2. Tool - The Sidekick Worksheet Helps kids to document and get rid of their fears of separation by putting the power of a sidekick into action. 3. Parent Guide Gives you a greater understanding of Separation Worries. Contains many additional tips and techniques that you can use to help your kids overcome their fear when they're separated from you.


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