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The Power of CALM - The first and greatest power!

  • 6Steps


Who needs this? Every kid on earth! The Power of CALM is a 4-step superpower that combines the key tools and techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Stoicism, and Mindfulness. It allows kids to identify and transform their negative thoughts. Improve how they think, feel, and behave. And empower themselves to unleash their full potential. The Power of CALM teaches kids to: 1. Notice and gain perspective when they’re in a negative thought spiral. 2. Relax and breathe so they can respond appropriately, not react impulsively. 3. Assess how they are feeling to manage their emotional reactivity. 4. Pinpoint their negative thoughts so they can transform them into more realistic, helpful, and positive ones.


Single Payment
ZAR 100.00
5 Plans Available
From ZAR 225.00
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