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The Power of Gratitude–Beat instant gratification

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The Power of Gratitude Who needs this? • Kids who struggle with instant gratification - that feeling of wanting new things, RIGHT AWAY! • Do you have an uncontrollable need and desire for new stuff all the time? • Do you beg, throw tantrums, or fight with your parents when you don’t get what you want? • Do you move quickly from one thing to another and don’t appreciate all that you have? What you'll learn • The Power of Gratitude. • How to enjoy and be grateful for the things you already have. • Why instant gratification is not good for you. • How to take control over your need for instant gratification. • How to use delayed gratification to save or wait for the things you want. What you get 1. Comic Teaches kids how to use the Power of Gratitude. Parents and kids get the best results when they read the comic together. We recommend starting with the comic. 2. The Gratitude journal Proven to help kids increase their gratitude and compassion, while reducing their need for instant gratification. 3. Parent Guide In-depth explanation of instant gratification and the Power of Gratitude. Practical solutions for helping your kids overcome their need for instant gratification.


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