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The Power of Chill - Defeat anger

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The Power of CHILL Who needs this? • Are you a kid who gets angry a lot, or throws tantrums? • Do you struggle to control your anger? • Do your angry outbursts get you in trouble at home, school, or with friends? • Do you not like the person you become when you're angry? • Do you avoid being around other people because you find them annoying? What you'll learn • The Power of CHILL — a superpower to help your overcome anger issues. • To be in control of your anger and the thoughts that cause it. • To stop your anger before it takes control of you. • To resist the temptation of an angry outburst. • To better manage your frustrations and angry feelings. • To tolerate the discomfort of anger. What you get 1. Comic Teaches kids how to use the Power of CHILL. Parents and kids get the best results when they read the comic together. We recommend starting with the comic. 2. Tools The Anger Decision Tool: Proven to help rationalise and control anger incidents before or after they occur. And the Chill Audio Exercise: A progressive muscle relaxation audio exercise that teaches kids how to calm down when they feel themselves getting angry. 3. Parent Guide Explains the causes and ramifications of anger. Tips and techniques to help you guide your kids as they tackle their anger issues.


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