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Get a discount with bundle deals, or pay R100 single payment per program. 

Choose your bundle deal

  • Calm Cadet

    Our 3 most popular Powers of Control together in one pack
    • The Power of CALM + ADAPT + Gratitude
  • Calm Corporal

    Five Powers of Control combined into one super deal
    • The Power of CALM + ADAPT + Gratitude + Affirmation + Chill
  • Calm Commander

    Super savings for all 10 Powers of Control.
    • Access to all Powers of Control
  • Bullying Pack

    3 programs to empower kids that are being bullied
    • The Power of Inner Strength + Chill + Affirmation
  • Divorce Pack

    Four Powers of Control to help kids going through their parents' divorce
    • The Power of Verbalising + Sidekick + Chill + Affirmation
  • Worries Pack

    Four programs to help kids defeat their worrying thoughts
    • The Power of CALM + Visualising + Sidekick + Iron Will
  • Therapist's Pack

    Six programs offering a dynamic new ways for therapists to engage with their patients
    • CALM+ADAPT+ Iron Will + Affirmation + Sidekick + Visualising
  • Super School Pack

    Three Powers of Control to help your kids thrive at school
    • The Power of ADAPT + Inner Strength + Visualising
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