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The Power of Inner Strength - Deal with bullying

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The Power of Inner Strength Who needs this? • Kids who are being bullied – physically, verbally, or emotionally. • Kids who are moving to a new school. • Parents who suspect their kid is being bullied. • Parents who want to equip their kids with the tools and techniques they need to deal with a bully. What you'll learn • The Power of Inner Strength. • The Power of Positivity. • How to handle bullies and not let them affect your emotions. • How to empower yourself to control the situation in the best possible way. • To understand why bullies act the way they do. • How to effectively ask for help with persistent bullying. What you get 1. Comic Teaches kids how to use the Power of Inner Strength and the Power of Positivity. Parents and kids get the best results when they read the comic together. We recommend starting with the comic. 2. Tool - Light Up the Dark Cloud Helps kids to improve their self-esteem and negate the effects of bullying by shining a positive light on themselves. 3. Parent Guide Practical solutions for how parents can handle bullying situations, both at the time and after the incident. Contains many additional tips and techniques that you can teach your child so they can better cope with bullies.


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