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The Power to ADAPT - Deal with disappointments

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The Power to ADAPT Who needs this? • Kids who have faced a disappointment or will face disappointment in the future. So... every kid on earth! • Kids that need to become more tolerant of disappointment. • Kids who have a tough time bouncing back when something goes wrong. • Kids with low self-esteem or allow a perceived failure to define them. What you'll learn • The Power to ADAPT • How to cope with (and recover from) disappointment more easily. • How to transform unrealistic expectations into helpful new beliefs. • How to be more responsible, flexible and resilient when things do go as you hoped. What you get 1. Comic Teaches kids how to use the Power to ADAPT. Parents and kids get the best results when they read the comic together. We recommend starting with the comic. 2. The ADAPT Worksheet Helps kids to document and systematically get rid of their obsessive thoughts and actions Use this worksheet to put ADAPT into action to help you deal with disappointment 3. Parent Guide Gives you a greater understanding of how your kids should deal with disappointment Contains many additional tips and techniques that you can use to help your kids overcome disappointment.


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