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Online Mental
Health Programs

For Kids

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Empower your kids to be their own heroes with real-life superpowers from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

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Tools and Techniques for happier kids

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Defeat the villains of Mental Health.

Overcome common childhood problems.

Unleash your child’s full potential.

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What Parents Are Saying



"I have no doubt this is going to change many lives. I wish Captain Calm was around when I was growing up!"

Alexandra, Mom of 2

Loved around the world by families like yours

Our programs

captain calm's
powers of control

These are the cognitive superpowers we teach to help kids overcome their problems. 

Click the Power of Control you want to learn more about below.

Every program teaches a different Power of Control.

And every program has 3 COMPONENTS...


THE Comic

We start by teaching each Power of Control through a fun and relatable story. 

Performed by voice actors your kids will love.

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THE Tools

Guided worksheets and audio exercises give step-by-step instructions to put the
Power of Control into action.

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THE Parent Guide

Exclusive content packed with info and advice on how to deal with the problems
affecting you and your kids.  

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LEND a hand

Learn to guide your kids along their heroes journey

Watching your kids struggle can feel like torture.

Our simple, effective solutions enable your kids to live up to their full potential.

By giving you the knowledge you need to help them overcome common problems and avoid negative coping mechanisms.

"My boy has been struggling with our divorce.

Captain Calm has been a roadmap to let me help him."
- Tumi, Mom of a 9 year old

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your bond

Content to connect in new ways

Reading and discussing our comics with your kids gives you deeper insight into what they're going through. 

And working together to put our tools into action creates a supportive and positive environment where everyone can thrive. 

"(My son) has been through some severe bullying and it’s not easy on him at all. I find Captain Calm helps him feel empowered. We have use the Power of Inner Strength and the power of CALM a lot. He has enjoyed learning it and chatting to me about ways not to feel scared. I can honestly say he feels better when we do this together and it’s also our special mommy-and-son time."
- Coty, Mom of an 8 year old

Give your kids the edge

Essential skills for a successful future

We give kids practical techniques to manage negative emotions, develop resilience, and succeed in any situation.


They'll learn to tackle challenges with confidence, bounce back from setbacks, and see problems as opportunities for growth. 

Supercharge their emotional intelligence and watch them soar.

"I believe social intelligence is the key to living a fulfilling and happy life and I can tell you your company does too. Teaching this to kids at an early age is imperative. As a parent, I look to impart any wisdom I can to my kids so they can 'cut the learning curve down' as soon as possible. Your app is a great way into those conversations."
- Ethan, Father of three

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"Look Mom!
I'm a superhero!"

Unleash their imagination to defeat real-life problems. 

Our Powers of Control are tried and trusted Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques with a superhero spin.

Your kids will learn to defeat the villainous Brain Bandits and the problems they cause by wielding cognitive behavioural superpowers like:

  • An Inner Strength Super Suit when dealing with bullies

  • "Chilling" by transforming into ice to stop an explosion of anger

  • Gratitude Grenades to blast away the need for instant gratification

  • Summoning a Sidekick when they get scared or worried

Kids love our approach because it helps to make self-development fun, memorable, and empowers them to put their skills into practise.

After all, what kid doesn’t want to be a superhero?!

"Awesome awesome program. So much content on so many problems. Loving Captain Calm and it’s teaching my child good techniques."
- Claire, Mom of an 11 year old

Tools and techniques that work

Proven. Powerful. Practical. 

Captain Calm is the brainchild of a practising Cognitive Behavioural Coach who has seen these techniques work wonders with his clients.


And we're endorsed by leading world authorities in psychology and child development.


Everything we teach is grounded in the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Rational Emotive Therapy - two of the most effective forms of mental health treatment, based on mountains of scientific research and evidence.


Give your child the power to succeed with our proven tools and techniques.

"As a therapist, I am very impressed with the use of metaphors and the visuals, especially Chill, CALM, and the Fortune Teller. Each makes it easier for kids to build a picture in their heads and digest what they need to do to sort out their problems. The content is excellent. You’ve thought of everything. Love it." 
- Jeremy S, Child Psychologist 

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View the powers of control
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Ready when
you are

Always there for you and your kids


Our intuitive web-based app is available on all devices, providing help whenever and wherever you need it.