The Captain Calm App.
Tools and Techniques
for happier kids.

Growing up is tough.
Empower your kids with cognitive superpowers to defeat common problems and unleash their full potential.


"I’m very excited about Captain Calm. Medication prescriptions are at an all time high and a lot of kids are really struggling… I believe this will go a long way to alleviate their problems and give parents the help they need. It’s a super smart app and I endorse it fully." Kristene Doyle Ph.D., Sc.D Director of the Albert Ellis Institute Albert Ellis Institute
"I’ve gone through the app and am delighted with it. The (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching) techniques you are teaching have a lot of potential… happy that it will be reaching such a wide audience and help families from all walks of life." Noah Clyman LCSW-R, ACT Director NYC Cognitive Therapy
"I recommend it without any reservation as a valuable tool… an excellent catalyst for parents and kids to spend time together and work through the problems affecting so many of them… (kids) will benefit greatly from this digital mentor." Philip Lanzkowsky MD.,ScD., FRCP Professor of Pediatrics and former Executive Director and Chief of Staff, Schneider Children's Hospital, New Hyde Park, New York


"I believe social intelligence is the key to living a fulfilling and happy life and I can tell that your company does too. Teaching this to kids at an early age is imperative. As a parent, I look to impart any wisdom I can to my kids so they can “cut the learning curve down” as soon as possible. Your app is a great way into those conversations.” Ethan Father of 2
"He has been through some severe bullying, it’s not easy on him at all… I find Captain Calm is making him feel empowered… We have used the Power of Inner Strength and Power of CALM a lot… he has enjoyed learning how to deal with it all and chatting to me about ways to not feel scared… I can honestly say he feels better when we do this together and it’s also our special mommy-and-son-time." Coty Mom of a 7-year-old
"It has been a pleasure using Captain Calm and developing my own superpowers while I am at it. 😉" Kayla Mom of three
"It's a roadmap to let me help him." Tumi Mom of an 8-year-old
"He's been having a bit of trouble getting to sleep at night, and we couldn’t quite pinpoint why. Captain Calm to the rescue!" Ray Dad of a 6-year-old
"I am very impressed with the use of metaphors and visuals; specifically FREEZE, CHILL, FORTUNE TELLER. Each makes it easier for kids to build a ‘picture in their head’ and sort out their problems." Michelle Mom of a 10-year-old
"Most of the themes were quite relatable to my daughter as she has experienced them in her first year of high school. Tonight, I told her about the CHILL method and the form of breathing exercises mentioned in the app. Simply brilliant." Amanda Mom of a 13-year-old

Need a hand?

We know that when your kids suffer, so do you.

We don’t want anything holding your kids back from being the people they can be. Our goal is to provide both of you with the knowledge and advice you need to overcome your problems.

Parenting 2.0

Tech that brings you closer together.

Captain Calm facilitates unprecedented levels of insight into your kids’ lives and improves your ability to guide them through it.

Give your kids the edge

Supercharge their emotional intelligence.

Captain Calm enhances courage, increases mental fortitude, boosts self-reliance and teaches them how to tackle problems head-on.

“Look, Mom! I’m a superhero!”

Empowering kids, their way.

Imagine a kids app that takes the stigma out of common problems by putting a superhero spin on self-improvement and making it into an enjoyable process. We did, then we built it.

Powers of Control

Powers Of Control are the tried and trusted cognitive reframing techniques that we teach your kids.

We’ve put our own superhero spin on these techniques, allowing your kids to become their own “superheroes” and learn to wield “mental superpowers” to defeat the villainous problems or negative situations that they face in their lives.

Every topic we cover teaches a different Power Of Control.



  • Entertaining, educational and meaningful content
  • Teaches cognitive techniques as “Powers of Control”, transforming kids into “superheroes”
  • An audio option in our comics gives younger kids professional narration


  • Specialist, practical tools like CBC exercises, worksheets and audio guides
  • View your kid's Tool answers

Parent Guides

  • Access to exclusive Parent Guides — full of info, tips and techniques on your selected topic


  • Act as a reward for completing Comics and Tools
  • Encourages effective learning

Star Chart

  • An excellent tool to help keep track of your kid’s goals or desired behaviours
  • Equally as effective at encouraging good behaviours (cleaning their room) and discouraging negative ones (hitting others)

Behaviour Contracts

  • A powerful resource to create and maintain new or desirable behaviours
  • Helps you to address your kid's problems, clarify solutions and make you accountable to one another


  • Tailored content for two age groups: 5–12 and 12–17
  • Track your kid’s in-app progress and daily use
  • Choose from an ever-expanding Power of Control library

Experts at helping kids

We have a highly trained, practising Cognitive Behavioural Coach on staff who has helped thousands of kids to overcome their problems or self-imposed negativities and go on to lead much happier, healthier and calmer lives.

All of Captain Calm’s tools, tips and techniques are based on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.

CBC is a highly-effective form of Life Coaching focused on making a person aware of how they think about themselves, other people, and the world around them.

It instructs its users in learning how to control negative thought patterns, feelings or behaviours that lead to troublesome outcomes in their lives.

Click here for more info about CBC

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